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Basket Cases! They’re the couple who spent £80k cloning two puppies from their beloved dead boxer in a Korean lab. So what happened next? They’ve brought home their surrogate mums too…

  • Laura Jacques was so shocked when her boxer died she stopped eating
  • Husband Richard Remde came up with the solution of cloning the animal
  • Using a dead animal’s cells had never been done but it was a success
  • Now they have four original dogs, two cloned pups and two surrogate mums
  • Couple’s emotions and finances are under duress but they love new dogs 

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Grief is a powerful thing!  We had a lovely dog named Piper, a Sheltie who was rather fragile from day one!  We realized in her seventh year of life that we were unable to fix her and prevent her from triumphing over her health issues.   We had seven months to hold her in our arms, love her and try and reconcile ourselves to the fact that she was going to die, but when we lost her it was miserable.  Losing a member of your family is heart breaking!  It took me over a year to recuperate from watching my girl surrender and take her final breaths.  I cried every day for the first six months, I felt sad and struggled to present a normal me out in public because I felt broken inside.   One of the hard parts was not being able to talk about it with others without a feeling of being mocked or ridiculed.  So I suffered in silence.  I know my spouse was bereft as well, he too could barely talk about it and to this day he will cry when he thinks about losing her. So what if someone offered us the chance to clone our dear sweet Piper, would we jump at the opportunity for a do over?   I think if I had been asked that question a week after she had passed, when I was overwhelmed with grief I might have said yes! But with time, comes clarity…I can look back now and realize that the new version of Piper, would not BE Piper…as it’s life circumstances that would shape it’s existence, she would not be the exact same dog!  The whole nature versus nurture!  The things this new pup would experience would be different, and although that dog was a replica on a cellular level, it would not BE Piper!  I also realize with Piper’s demise, I met Romeo…who really needed us!  On the road to recovery from losing our beloved pet we also opened our home to Lucas, a dog who has forever changed me and whom I also love!  There is one thing that I know, you can never go back!  The only direction to move, is forward!  Loss is painful, but it also allows our heart to reach out and try and share more love with another being that really needs it!  I can not help but consider all the money spent by the couple mentioned above and think how many animals desperate for a second chance, could be changed and improved by that amount  of money.   You get a  feeling when you lose a loved one,  that you’ll not only miss them, but you will miss the person you are at this time and place because you’ll never be this way ever again.   The luxury of a do over is pure folly, not to mention the expectation placed on the animal that is the clone of your former pet!  It is not that I don’t empathize with that gut wrenching feeling of loss, I have been there, laying on the couch in a ball weeping, I know what it’s like to try and walk down the streets where we used to meander and see her everywhere and wish the world would swallow me up and the pain would subside. What experience has taught me is that moving through that pain will lead you to other beautiful experiences that at the time you can not imagine!  There is no wrong or right, but this couple’s choice gives all of us a chance to pause and think, to appreciate the now with the ones you love.  To honour that relationship by moving forward when it comes to an end and keeping an open mind so you can embrace the next opportunity that could enrich your life experience and make you feel whole again!   Loving Lucas and Romeo, does not diminish my love for the fur babies I have lost and whom I still shed a tear for now and then, it enriches my experience and will fortify me and help me to continue to love again and again.




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