Thoughts to Paws over…

Sometimes it is very hard to be politically correct, I will try to be brief, so please excuse me if I offend!  As a dog walker having the proper apparel is very important, for example, having finger mittens in your pockets for those early spring days to take the edge off of a chilly morning can be a life saver or an elastic for your hair on an unexpectedly windy day!  Being comfortable is very important when you’re walking three or fours a day and biking from one location to another.  Let me say I am beginning to feel my undergarments are working against me!   Good lord, I’ve tried all styles and sizes, the granny panty, bikini, thongs (or more aptly put, all wrongs) , seamless, small, medium….no matter what I buy I can’t seem to find a pair of gotchies that don’t create angst while I’m making strides.  One minute I’m walking along enjoying nature and the next I have a wedgie!  It never ceases to amaze me the places my panties end up!  There is nothing more irritating than stooping to scoop and coming back up only to realize your cheek is hanging out and you don’t have a free hand to fix the issue.   More times than I can tolerate, my drawers bunch up and I walk around feeling like I’ve been pantsed, thirty minutes of pounding the pavement with your BVD’s  chafing your backside is more than I can bare some days!  I often wonder if I’m known by the other people out with their pooches as the lady whose constantly “picking her seat”.  My Kingdom for a pair of briefs that fit properly!  Why is it so hard for me to find a covering for my backside that ‘full fills’ their purpose ?  It seems like a lofty ideal that while I’m doing my job that they do theirs, it would be wonderful if they had me covered!

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