Thoughts to Paws over…

My life is full of comedic moments.   I am clumsy and messy, I am the girl to forget to put the lid on the food processor properly and spray it’s contents all over the kitchen walls. I am kind of a disaster, which I am totally fine with, I am not worried about my over all appearance.   One of my charges and I were walking over near RIM park, there are some absolutely gorgeous trails to meander on.  Due to the copious amounts of rain we have been getting as of late, I decided to stay away from the river trail and struck on the path through the farmer’s field, I figured I was being smart!   We were plodding along, and my cell rang…often I won’t answer my phone when I am out walking but I had just sent a picture of my companion via text so I thought maybe one of her people had something they wanted to communicate    I fumbled around to answer the call while keeping my eye on my charge.  Imagine my surprise when I realized we were about to wade into a rather sizable deposit of water on the path.  Thinking I was smart, I veered onto the grass with the concept that we would stay dry and take the high ground (I should also mention, the grass is where the snakes hang out, so this was incredibly brave on my part).  HOLY CRAP, instead of serpents we were both caught off guard as we sunk into the mush, what seemed sensible was in fact a poor choice.  There I was, holding a phone talking to a different client, and my shoes were filling with muddy water!   I realized my sweet girl was so confounded by the experience of sinking that she thought the best way to cope would be to lay down.  I think I might have yelled into the poor gentleman’s ear “OH GOD NO!”   Not sure he noticed.  We floundered to get out of the marshy mess and got back to a dry spot.  I think my girl was mortified she was all messy, what to do, what to do…oh, thank heaven Andrea is here, I will just wipe myself on her capri’s, how handy!  I started snorting at this point, I am not sure which one of us looked more bedraggled?  One side of her head was soaked, my legs were streaked with dirt and our feet were soaked.  The up side, we were at the beginning of the walk so we still had a half hour to traverse around in the light breeze and sunshine, which would help to cake the mud on us so we could brush it off!   By the time we were homeward bound we were less messy.  I have to say I am down right grateful for the big towel her people keep in the garage which helped remove the remainder of the offending dirt!  I love those amusing moments in life that are messy but put a smile on your face, it’s fun to wallow in the mud every now and then when you are with a good friend!

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