In Memorium

My dear old friend Brule passed away, June 27, 2017.  He will be greatly missed by his family and by my family!  Brule had a beautiful smile and a gentle heart, and in his younger days a penchance for frolicking and mischief!  As hard as it is to hear of the passing of a friend, I can take solace in the fact that Brule had an amazing life experience here on earth and a wonderful family who adored him!  Rest in Peace dear boy, you have left an imprint on my heart.  🐾❤️🐾

One thought on “In Memorium

  1. Thank-you for the kind words. We just want to extend a huge thanks to you and your family for taking such great care of Brule. Leaving him with you and knowing that he was receiving such great care and love – meant everything.

    Steve, G, S, C

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