Thoughts to Paws over…

Vacationing with a Friend


It is funny how you think you know everything there is to know about your best friend!  You are well versed in what they like to eat, whether they have any allergies, what they are most afraid of and if they are upset you know just what to do to comfort them!   You are kindred spirits, nothing could surprise you about your bosom buddy, so why not take a vacation together!?  You decide to set off on a road trip and suddenly you see a side of your BFF that you were totally unaware of, how could this be?  You are not strangers, you have known each other for years and yet you find yourself staring at the person sitting next to you wondering ‘who is this stranger?’   It has happened to the best of us, you are in the car heading down the highway, with your favourite song blasting away when suddenly the person you thought you knew interrupts your rapping along with Iggy Azalea .  You are confounded by the sound that is emanating from your speakers, much to your dismay your mate has a yen to listen to War and Peace an audiobook.  Your jaw is dangling as you quietly continue down the road too shocked to say a thing, longing to hear to the rest of “I’m so Fancy”  and wondering what other little idiosyncrasies you are unaware of?   One would think that travelling with man’s best friend would be far simpler and fabulously uncomplicated!   I have learned that our four-legged companions can be equally as astonishing when embarking on a journey!  I recently had the pleasure of taking one of my long standing buds on a excursion with my family for a Long Weekend…I have had this particular pooch live with me for over a month, at a time and we’ve known each other for at least four years, I thought we knew all there was to know about each other!  Foolish me, turns out that Mr. Chill isn’t as laid back as I once thought.  It can be fun discovering something new and intriguing about someone you hold dear, not to mention it makes for some fantastic reminiscing at a later date! “Remember that time we were driving down the highway and Mom was hanging over the middle seat like she was Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, her rear end in the air, as people driving past us stared at her flailing about trying to prevent 110 pounds of Golden Retriever from launching itself into the front seat?”   Things might get a little haired and unpredictable and leave you questioning  what you really know about your friend, but somehow you always manage to laugh and have some great stories to tell!   I have learned that road trips with man’s best friend can reveal aspects of their personality you never thought existed and can make things challenging at times, but in the end, bring you closer together than you were before and strengthen your bond!

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