Thoughts to Paws over…

A note to Mr. Kitty:

Dear Romeo,  I have been thinking about our bond and have been baffled by a few intricacies of our relationship.   Since the day I realized you were meant to be part of our family, I have dedicated myself to your care!  And you have done the same for me! When Piper passed you were there, cuddling me whenever you sensed I was sad.  You would lay on my chest and purr, reminding me to smile.  When we found you one night underneath the wash stand in the basement, miserable and making strange wailing sounds, we whisked you off to the vet.   While we awaited test results to find out what was ailing you, I came daily and held you in my arms, talking to you softy and assuring you we were going to do our utmost to get you through whatever it was that was making you sick.   I stood my ground and I made sure that I have advocated for you ever since and I have been resolute in figuring out how to keep you healthy and happy.  I have been your safe place to rest, while you got stronger.   I will admit that I have put you in stressful situations at times,  but I make sure to take ownership of those less than perfect moments and apologize  profusely for my screw ups.  The recent bathroom incident being one of those regrettable moments .   Our relationship has been one of give and take, ups and down, but I know we love one another.  Which brings me to your eating habits,  I spend my day making sure you have a balance of wet and dry food,  and that you eat every two hours.    In fact, I am so unwavering, I get up 3 or 4 times nightly,  to fill your dish so you don’t get sick to your stomach….but I ask you my dear friend, (as I am truly bewildered about something), why is that you will eat your kibble and wet food through out the night from your perch on the night stand, but once the big hand hits the five, you will look at that same food and act like it has all of a sudden transformed into toxic waste?   You will poke at me and become an incorrigible pest until I acquiesce and get out of bed.  Why is it that you will strut down the hall a mere six feet from where you were once lazing comfortably and perch at the bathroom door, without fail and wait for me to walk by?  How come, when I place that very same food on the floor in front of you…that you had access to only minutes ago, it suddenly becomes incredibly appetizing and you voraciously woof it all down?  I can’t help but feel like you are similar in nature to the guy in the Pina Colada song who is bored with his wife so he looks to the personal ads.   He thinks he is going to hook up with someone new, only to realize that the woman he has chosen to cheat with, is his own lovely lady! She is no different really, it’s the change in venue that makes her suddenly so appealing.   Is it the ambience in the bedroom that turns you off your meal? Does your food somehow taste better with the change in location?   Do you get tired of eating to the sounds of my rhythmic breathing  as you chomp away,  because if I am being honest, you are a very loud chewer which doesn’t facilitate for a restful night for me in any way!   Please Mr. Kitty, share with me why you are so adverse to me sleeping through the wee hours of the morning without your constant and frequent disruptions to my slumber?   Honestly, if I know better, I can do better….it’s a win, win for the whole household if I am not dragging myself around for the remainder of the day!  You must know by now that I am not allowed to do caffeine so the struggle is real!   Is there some compromise we could reach where you feel you catered to in a way that floats your boat, but also allows me to go through the course of my day without walking into door frames?   Please enlighten me if you will my dear boy, let’s open the lines of communication!

Love,  the puffy eyed lady who struggles with coherent thought processes  and her ability to stay consciousness as she eats her lunch!

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