Thoughts to Paws over…


Mayday, Mayday!  Our upstairs bathroom is desperately in need of a renovation!  When we bought our house it was on the top of our to do list, but somehow life kept getting in the way…the furnace died, the back door leaked water ruining one section of floor in the basement and then the washing machine malfunctioned making it an unavoidable task that needed to be taken care of, not to mention, we had to replace the washer and dryer.  I am afraid to jinx things, but finally after six years, a fence, two entry doors, a roof , the basement washroom, 14 windows, a garage door and countless other items that begged for attention, it’s time to rip apart the rotting walls, remove the broken sink and get rid of the leaky tub!  Progress is a good thing…YES?   I am not sure if that went to a vote in my house if  all parties would concur!  After some heavy rain this afternoon Lucas, my lovely old boy,  went to his refuge, the bathtub.  I stood there watching him climb over the side and nestle down and I was struck that the new tub that my spouse and I are overtly excited about…is longer, substantially deeper and the side is much higher, and to add insult to injury, we are erecting glass walls around it making it an inaccessible location for our pooch to retreat to.  This new vessel of bathing bliss, which will actually inspire me to want to sit and relax in it,  will no longer accommodate my anxious friend’s needs!  I have been scratching my head wondering where the fourteen year old dog is going to go when it starts to thunder outside.  Of course we aren’t going to grant a reprieve for that abysmal excuse to bathe in, but I am wondering would it be odd if I took out the spare bed in the guest room and stowed the bathtub in there for a rainy day?  The dog is not going to be impressed with our fancy ideas to bring our bathroom up to snuff and I am envisioning him the day he realizes we have messed around with his panic room!  I need to put my thinking cap on, thankfully,  I have a couple months to find Lucas a new safe haven and try and transition him into it.  And if worse comes to worse….we will have one hell of a conversation piece in the family room instead of a couch!

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