Thoughts to Paws over…

The stairs have become my Mount Everest.

My get up and go, comes in temporary bursts, my daily walks are more about the journey and less about the destination.
The world has become a quiet place, not much disturbs my slumber these days but when it does , my bark is weak and hoarse.
My eyes have become clouded, I loose my footing and falter frequently.
Eating some days requires more effort than I care to expend, perhaps you could add a little incentive.
I’d like to curl up at the end of the bed with you, but my legs have forgotten what they are supposed to do to aid me in my quest.
Sleeping is my favourite activity, I truly excel at snoozing the day away, don’t worry, I’m Happy snoring over here on the couch.
All I ask of you, support me in my aging…help me to navigate these progressive changes that seem to be rapidly taking over my body.
Love me as I age….just love me.






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