Thoughts to Paws over…

D3B2BA79-4451-4585-8FAD-7B91AD5D8D06I was perusing Facebook this morning and was faced with a video of garbage….acres and acres of plastic that will not biodegrade.  I was feeling saddened by what we are doing to this planet, and yet I know I am part of the problem, I get take out coffee in a paper cup with a plastic lid when I could bring one of my many thermal ones in the cupboard.   Sure I recycle, but what I keep coming back to in my thoughts, is we have become on overtly disposable society!   We skip the dishes, we throw things to the curb without the thought that perhaps someone else could use that perfectly good coffee table that no longer tickles our fancy and when we are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of a family members pet when they pass away, we toss it out onto the street.   What is wrong with this world is that we have become inheritantly selfish and ‘me’ focused and blasé about how our decisions impact the other creatures we share this earth with.   What kind of person drives out into the country, opens up their car door and abandons a dog or cat at the side of the road?   What kind of foolish thinking leads them to believe they are going to find a nice farm that will take them in and that their life will be roses?  Ridiculous….abandoned dogs end up having to forage for themselves, often hit by a car or ending up shot because they have become a nuisance….the cats freeze to death or get eaten by wolves.  Shelters are truly a more humane option, and yet they have become the dumping ground for so many animals that have become inconvenient like the plastic water bottle, cell phone and computer monitor.   We need to realize that everything we do impacts this planet. We need to work on being the solution…we need to open our doors, but more importantly, our hearts!   We need to look deeper and see the value of all life and be respectful and kind.  We can’t just walk away and hope that someone else will take care of that dog running along the highway, or that kitten eating out of a dumpster.   And we need to support organizations that foster and give shelter to those disposable animals by donating food, our time or opening our homes temporarily as foster families.   We are all given the opportunity to be the change, to carry reusable water bottles, drop a bag of litter off at the local shelter or give a cat or dog a safe habour until something permanent comes along.  It starts with a small change, which becomes a new way of looking at the world, and then the ripple gets larger and larger until your behaviour starts to influence others around you, you can become the catalyst for change!



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