In Memoriam

When we moved to Waterloo we were joined by our Maine Coon cat Romeo and our newly adopted dog Lucas, an 8 year old Shepherd mix.  Over the years that we have lived here the boys made many friends, and have been the faces of my home based business. Unfortunately, our fur babies don’t live for ever even though we wish they would!  In July of 2019 our dear old boy Lucas passed away, which was very hard on us.  Five short months later our beloved cat Romeo succumbed to his health struggles he was born with and passed away on New Year’s Eve.  We moved into 2020 without our boys, even though they are no longer with us their faces will remain on the site just as their memory lives on in our hearts .


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. I trained my Rottweiler how to sit, lay down and a handshake. I Learned how to train a Dog for the first time. and I missed her so much. dogs has only 10 – 13 years of life span so I gave her lot of play time and compassion.

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