Thoughts to Paws over…


Miss Mattie has a way of cheering me up!  I always say to her that I think in her other life she was part of a circus, this is because she can walk on her two hind legs, she’s a sight to behold.  The sun was shining Friday and we were fifteen minutes into our walk, it was warm and wonderful to be out in the park.  Mattie likes to bark, she barks at everything, other dogs, people, squirrels, rabbits…EVERYTHING!   As we made our way along the path she became extremely animated and began bouncing up and down through the air and literally walking for a couple feet at a time on her back legs, all the while, squeaking and barking.  I kept scanning the area trying to figure out what creature was worthy of such an enthusiastic response.  And then there she was, out in the open, the fox that lives near the pond!  She was about 50 metres from us, sitting beside the path grooming herself.  Mattie, literally lost it, she could not contain her zeal, making sounds I didn’t know a dog could make.  I started to think about her keen desire to be let loose to introduce herself to this wild creature and then it struck me.  I got it…it would be like me walking through the park and I look forward, and I think I see someone, I look again and I then I realize, it’s Ellen DeGeneres…I tell you, I would start leaping and whooping and wanting to run willy nilly.   Seeing that fox was like a celebrity sighting, extremely unusual and ever so special!  Thanks Mattie for making me smile!

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