Thoughts to Paws over…


Diesel, he’s my baby, but not really!  He belongs to the neighbours, but me and my boy, we walk together twice a day, every day!  He is my buddy and provides me with great entertainment on any given day!  Diesel has a youthful zeal for life and a slightly incorrigible nature.  I often give him a job when we walk to keep him focused on what we are supposed to be doing, walking!  Often he likes to roll or rub himself on someone’s front lawn or in the high patches of grass at the park.  He has a lot of comical quirks, one being if the texture under his feet changes it amps him up in the most peculiar ways, he starts leaping and bouncing and veering left and right. He’s a bit of a wild child.  The other day we were walking in the park, the same park I walk most of my dogs in, I had found Diesel a rather wonderful stick to latch onto, as when he has something to carry, he can concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.  We were traversing forward and the next moment  he stopped dead in his tracks, dropping his stick with a thud!  His head lowered and he gawked straight ahead and there she was again, my fox friend.  The thoughts that crossed my mind, had me laughing out loud.  If Diesel could have articulated his feelings at that moment I think he might have been saying.  “Holy Crap, she is a FOX…oh lady…”  His mouth was agape, as if he were some dude that had just spied a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model that had just sashayed in front of him!  There was no getting him to move forward, no he was enamored completely by this lovely wild creature!  What I found equally amusing was that she wasn’t in any hurry to skedaddle, she pranced over to the creek and laid down under the cover of a Spruce tree and watched us.  It was a mutual admiration society I believe!  She found my Diesel rather intriguing and for him, she was eye candy!  I love my canine companions and the way they help me see the world!

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