Thoughts to Paws over…

Is it okay if I profess my love to more than one fur covered creature?  Does this make me a player?  This morning I was dropping Diesel off after our walk , and I bent down and gave him a kiss on his forehead and said “I love you, I will be back this afternoon.”  Often when I bring him to his home, he takes off like a shot to go rip and tear around the house, but some days he likes to perch himself on my foot and wait for me to give him a peck and  declare my love!  I find myself  expressing my feelings when I drop my  four legged friends back to their abodes, I have great difficulty heading out the door without reminding them that they are loved and I will miss them.    To be honest, I have a tendency to forget that their hearts don’t belong to me, that they are just on loan.   I have always known  I have a lot of love to give, but I do wonder from time to time, what do their pet parents feel, when I am stooped at the front door professing my adoration.  Hopefully it is kosher to be a Don Juan of the pet world!

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