Thoughts to Paws over…

imageDo you consider yourself an observant person?  What is it that catches your eye?  Do you notice the rings on people’s fingers?  What kind of car a person drives?  Is it a person’s baby blues that gets your attention?   I am on the fence about whether I have a knack of being aware of what is going on around me. I think the things I notice aren’t the things that other people tend to pick up on.  I was out doing what I do, walking the dogs, it was a busy morning in the park so I decided to take an alternate route since the one I normally take was like the 401 in early morning rush hour.  We meandered through a quiet little area I like, but my one companion really does feel ripped off, if he doesn’t get to go down this one particular path in the park.  Some time had elapsed so I decided, what the heck, I will indulge him.  As we turned onto the path, I noticed a woman in a fushsia jacket and her pup up ahead.   I watched as the little white dog moved from side to side sniffing and thought it resembled  one of my canine friends, but the distance was too great and I couldn’t see that far.  The more I looked, the more I was sure that the gait on this particular pooch was one I was familiar with,  but the timing and logistics didn’t didn’t make sense that it could be her.  I convinced myself I was wrong, as there truly are a multitude of little white dogs in the area.  But me being me, I just couldn’t stand it,  that had to be my little girl friend up there, even though there was no two footed dancing on the back legs, I was sure I recognized the way the ears moved, the way the little feet struck the ground, it had to be  McBeans.  My curiosity had to be sated, do I yell out the dogs name or their humans name?   I decided to call out the person’s name and low and behold the woman turned around and I was right!  It was my furry friend Mattie!   I swear I could be walking behind by own flesh and blood and I might not realize it, but put one of my four legged compadre’s in my trajectory and I am keenly aware that I know that pooch!

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