Thoughts to Paws over…


Grief is different for us all.  Some people are stoic and move on and others take their dear sweet time to process the loss of a loved one.  Losing your fur covered friend can be devastating for most of us.  Often when I hear of a friend or family member losing a beloved pet, they often say they were struck how badly they feel the loss and the next thing they say is “never again!”  This saddens me to my core,  if you have that much love to give and have shared such a wonderful friendship with an animal,  it is a shame you will rob another creature of a happy home life with you!   A close family member just lost two of their cats in a very short time span, and their dog was having lumps removed.  They could have easily decided that was more than enough sadness for one family to deal with, instead they knew they had lot’s of love to give.  First they rescued sweet little Sophie and now they have given Thor,  a wonderful place to to call home. Thor_before adoptionIMG_20160425_085153

Thor is from a rescue agency that helps Persian cats find new forever homes.  He was having issues with severe eye infections, and needed a home that was willing to help him convalesce.   It takes truly wonderful people to step up to the challenge of helping an animal who is going to have the expense of  needing veterinary care and some much needed TLC.  It is hard to lose a loved one, but never underestimate the healing powers of a four legged friend!  Their love can be trans-formative and a source of joy!  Thor is doing so much better and blossoming in his new environment and his new family is truly benefiting from his adoration.   It truly is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”


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