In Memorium


Yesterday my old friend Chewy moved on to the off leash park  behind the Pearly Gates with all the other lovely souls that let go  when their aging bodies are tired and ready to rest.  I know it was a very hard decision for his family to say good bye.  I only got to know Chewy in his twilight years, we would meander together to the park on walks and  I would have sleep overs with him when his family had commitments  that took them away and he needed the familiarity of being at home.  He was like the little engine that could, although his legs were stiff and sometimes a little lacking in doing their duty to keep him upright he would soldier on.   Chewy  was always eager to set off for a walk through the neighbourhood, he liked to seek out a spot where a bunny had just been resting or another dog had left it’s calling card.  Chewy reminded me what love looks like, it starts with a cute little pup that chews our sneakers, metamorphosing  into a dog that becomes a playmate and companion and finally a senior pet whose presence is a quiet force around the house.  A slumbering friend beside you when you watch a movie or a soft chin resting on your feet while you work away at your desk.   Letting go is one of the hardest things you can do, because you love your friend.  After they are gone, you come home and see a nose smudge on the front glass, their empty dish in the kitchen and your eyes travel to the spot where they liked to take refuge and your heart aches.   Rest in peace Chewy, I know you will be greatly missed.

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