Thoughts to Paws over…

If one was to characterize my house by a smell it would be “Ode to Dog”!  I sometimes feel embarrassed by this, that the first thing that assaults visitors noses is the pervasive smell of pets.  I keep windows open and use a Lamp Berger, but if I am being honest, it then just smells like Citrus with an under lying note of dog.  Today the heavens opened up and the rain came down, a literal torrential down pour, despite the lakes in my runners I don’t let a little condensation deter me!   I have a job to do (I think the dogs wish I had the Super Power of stopping the rain as they looked bedraggled and unimpressed) but we still got our morning stroll accomplished.  As I sit here at my desk attempting to dry off, after doing  an hour total of dog walks, I have two rather damp, smelly pooches at my side.  Wet dog smell….not the freshest of scents, but then I remembered going to see the new “Star Wars” movie last night and the couple behind us who are unaware that antiperspirant is a courteous practice, and whose  feet were overtly odoriferous, which were wedged in between the arm rest of where I sat and I think, I will take the dusky smell of my canine friends any day over that!  Rainfall fresh, that’s what today’s household scent shall be labelled.

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