Thoughts to Paws over…

It’s a dingle berry kind of day!  This may be a little out there, one of those times where I share too much, but when you are friends with four legged creatures, there comes the occasion where you need to deal with delicate situations.  I remember walking with my boy one warm summer evening in a lovely wooded area a few minutes drive from my home.  Lucas has a wee bit if a bad habit of eating the long grasses from my back garden, but what goes in, must come out!  He was having a particularly rough time going number two, he basically had a ‘situation’ going on in his nether region .  I grabbed a poop bag, covered my hand and pulled the offending blades from his backside, right as this woman happened to be rounding the corner, the gasp that came from her was one of pure shock and horror.  She was very disturbed, and my comment was rather simple, “What one does in the name of love.”   Today was an exemplary day for showing my admiration for my little friends!  As the old adage goes, things happen in threes!   First Newton was struggling, of course I wasn’t going to leave her hanging… or it.  Then it was Diesel, he had eaten one too many twigs and was uncomfortable, the rain was pouring down, I was trying to hold an umbrella which just wasn’t working so I had to lay it down and extract the offending object, getting completely soaked !  Then while out walking Sunny, who is rather shy on a good day,  she seemed to be having a little crisis and she didn’t know what to do to fix her problem , I can’t blame her for feeling rather unnerved by my bagged hand coming at her back end.  Mischief was managed and we were able to resume our stroll!    It was official, it was a Dingle Berry kind of day!

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