Thoughts to Paws over…


My hubby has always told me one of my best features is my legs.   As a dog walker, I will say that I do get a lot of exercise with all the walking, for example, today was a 22,009 step day!  I was thinking about my gams this morning as I put on a pair of shorts , my calves are pretty nicely sculpted for my age.   But with closer inspection I noticed with all those dogs jumping up on me and walking into my shins, I am one big bruise! No one is going to be calling me any time soon to do a “Leggs” commercial.  I decided to count them and was in awe, 35 from ankle to hip!  Now I can’t say for sure who is responsible for each one, but I will hazard to say that only a handful are because I am a clutz and the rest are from leash burns and the rather hard skulls of my canine friends or their paws.  I can say that my occupation keeps me in shape, but I won’t be asked to strut on any runway, lest it is a walking path.   Unless maybe someone needed a hand model for poop bags…but I digress.

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