Thoughts to Paws over…



You are not the boss of me!  I sometimes think that is what some of my furry charges cycle through their brain when I try to act like I am in charge!  It happened three times today.  First I got a “look” from Diesel when I was trying to get him to stand still to get his collar on for his walk.  I commented he needed to quit racing about, which wasn’t at all appreciated as his friend Lucas was standing in his living room and well hell, it was time to impress his buddy, that wasn’t cool…why was I being such a party pooper?   Then while enjoying a lunch hour stroll with M & P, my little friend put a yucky kleenex in his mouth and I curtly scolded him by telling him to drop it!  Pud looked up at me as if to say “You don’t have to get so snippy, geez!”    Then when we got back to the house, I reminded Miss Mattie that she needed to go into the kitchen area where they hang out when no one is home, she crept into the living room, like maybe I wouldn’t notice or perhaps if she looked uber cute I might let it slide and she could have her way.   I made the comment that her bed wasn’t in that room and she needed to join Pud, she was thoroughly unimpressed with me, the glare and grumble I got.   If there was a magic bubble above her head where text could express her opinion it would have said “YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!”    I guess the election results in the U.S today is making all of god’s creatures a little testy and wanting to question those that think they are in charge   :o)

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