Thoughts to Paws over…

Life is full of comedic moments!  I myself realize that I am inexplicably incapable of getting through mine without sound effects!  This morning my buddy Marcus and I had the luck of clear skies and sunshine, it’s amazing when you put a little light on the subject how uplifted one can feel!  We headed off on our walk with a spring in our step, I had also shared with my canine friend that one of his pals was at the park.   We made our way to the entry path and Marcus thought he had spied something in the snow, he pounced right where I was about to step, which meant I had to quickly move to the side.  My reaction might have worked had it not been for the fact that my buddy changed his mind and decided to dart to where I was about to plant my feet.  I would like to say that I have lightening fast reflexes, but I am nearing fifty and I am going to be honest,  I am no longer cat like in my ability to land on my feet!  With the first maneuver I let out a squawk, followed immediately be a squeal when my feet didn’t succeed in planting themselves on terra firma.  I ended up going over Marcus’ torso and splayed out over top of him, which resulted in my laughing hysterically, my giggles continued as we approached his friend Maggie.   I was very sad to learn that my neighbour Gail had missed the excitement, I am sure she would have been rather amused by the sight of me on all fours.    We had a quick visit and then continued on with our morning trek, I was mindful of the ice, I paid attention to other people and their pooches out walking, and as we meandered I contemplated why it is that whenever I slip I make a sound effect?  I just don’t seem capable of loosing my balance without a tirade of noise escaping from mouth.   Marcus and I were in the home stretch, we headed up a path to the main road when I saw a lady and her doberman’s from our neighbourhood out for a stroll.  I waved a hello, my four legged friend and I were going in the opposite direction.  As I was praising Marcus and discussing what a good walk we were having I looked up and realized I was eye to eye with a person (whom I  see every day when I am out) she was to my left passing me, I literally let out a loud “WAAAAAAA” in her face.  She was ever so polite and apologized for startling me, I was amused and appreciative of her kind reaction!  It was I who must have startled her by uncharacteristically screaming in her face (instead of my customary greeting which is usually a commentary on the current weather). Perhaps I need to have a sign on my forehead and back that warns people of my loud outbursts,  “Caution:  I scream when startled!”  I am sure there is a whole host of disclaimers I could strategically place on my person to warn others about my propensity to yelp and make a sudden release of strong emotion when I am worried I am not in control!   It is undeniable, I am just not capable of getting through life’s surprises without articulating in some dramatic explosion of sound!

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