Thoughts to Paws over…

Walking woes?  My daughter and I often refer to Lucas our dog as “baby boy!”  Which really is ironic, considering all the grey on his muzzle, cataracts in both eyes and his obvious slowing down!  My handsome canine is good friends with the young dog next door, they walk together most days, once in the morning and then later on in the afternoon!  On the days Diesel isn’t paired with Lucas, his enthusiasm for the task at hand truly wanes.  He lazes about on people’s lawns and won’t get his groove on.  After a week of the boys not being teamed up, they are back together today,  shoulder to shoulder trekking through the neighbourhood.  The hard part, Lucas is truly struggling, noticeably slowing down and having trouble keeping up….his mind wants to go and go, but his body isn’t cooperating to the full extent!  Diesel has developed a very sweet bond with the old fart next door, he likes having him at his side….not sure what will happen for the duo as time marches forward.   My old man needs to take it easy and learn to slow down and shorten up his route.  I need to find Diesel a new walking mate whose energy level is more evenly matched, and yet somehow, I feel that even though he needs to get exercise and exhaust some of his energy, he is quite happy as long as he is trudging along side his friend, regardless of the distance or speed.  I am worried about jogging out Diesel’s jiggles and wiggling his waggles away, whereas I think that dear sweet pooch is more concerned about the companionship and spending time with his friend!  Something for me to consider, walking isn’t just about getting fit, it can also be about connecting with a buddy!

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