Thoughts to Paws over…

There are some days I think I am false advertising!   Am I a Dog walker or is my charge a People Mover?  Should I be receiving remuneration or should I be paying  for their services?  My new charge Max, I have no illusions of grandeur who is walking whom! This handsome and sturdy canine specimen is like the wind and I am the kite, flitting along behind.  I find it amusing as we trek along together, he leads and the only option for me, is to follow!  I have learned that if I relax and quit trying to be in charge, going along for the ride can be quite enjoyable.  He tracks and travels, and I take in the sights of magnolia trees and lilacs in bloom, whilst maintaining an effort to prevent Max from pillaging people’s tulips that happen to be in the wake of his adventuring.  It was a beautiful evening last night, my friend stopped and looked up at me for an instance and I could not help but be energized by his enthusiasm and zeal for exploring the familiar trails near his home.  I feel with Max, I have to relinquish the idea of being the “Dog Walker” and embrace what it is like to be invigorated by the world and have a fire for putting one foot in front of another!  We all have a purpose and for my four legged companion, he is “a People Mover” and my job is to make sure his nose eventually steers him towards home!

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