Thoughts to Paws over…

Me and my Dyson are really good friends!  How could we not be…with the amount of animal hair floating through my hallways, we are practically joined at the hip!  Last weekend I had four dogs and the cat wandering around the household, I felt like I was back in some Western movie, but instead of tumble weeds skirting about, there was wisps of multi coloured fur wafting across the hardwood with me endeavouring to take them down.  I could have had the vacuum out every hour!  Recently someone suggested I should get a Roomba, it was an interesting idea to have a machine quietly deal with the copious quantities of hair lurking under couches and in corners.  I have mulled the idea over in my head and even costed them out.  What has been holding me back are a few Facebook posts I have seen with disasters that have befallen their new found cleaning gadget, it becomes a Poomba!  But it’s Facebook right, it’s probably not true, it’s just some elaborate hoax to make us all laugh?  Nope, I have now met three people whom have woken up to a plethora of poop smeared all over their floors and a machine that is now useless.   I have lost count of the number of times I have woken up to piles of vomit on the living room area rug, but the other day I went downstairs to find a lake of excrement and I decided, there will never be a Roomba for me…me and my Dyson, we are going to stick together!  For the most part, we have had a very functional relationship, only once did I not see that the cat had thrown up on the mat at the front door and gummed up the power head!  My bad!  (Admittedly I have never gotten the smell out of the hose part despite my efforts to clean it with Q-tips and Febreeze.   On the upside, I now have a very good understanding of the mechanics of my vacuum and can take it apart with ease to clean out its various tubes and beater bar, a side career perhaps?   I digress).  The take away is, my Dyson has never let me down and we work well as a team!  When someone invents a device that cleans my floors but has a thorough understanding of what it is like to have furry friends a foot and can stop and take care of the offending mess and then get on with the business at hand, I might entertain the idea of giving my Dyson a well deserved vacation!

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