Thoughts to Paws over…

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I think my dear old Lou needs a new T-shirt!  When you get old expressing your opinion becomes easier, in fact…I think political correctness becomes a thing of the past!  The days where my dear friend needed a pinch collar to prevent him from dragging me down a hill on my belly clutching the leash for dear life as he chased after a grouse, are a distant memory.   That high spirited zeal for adventure has become more of “let’s linger here at this particular blade of grass and take it all in, have a good whiff, lick the dew and hanker down like we just found the world’s greatest salad bar!  What’s the rush!”   I am trying to be diligent and adjust my speed to the old guys pace, I really am making an effort to be empathetic to the fact that his energy level has changed and that his purpose for morning walks has  no discernible point, other than to make it to his favourite place to go number two.  In our house we call this particular spot “Poopy lane”, as this is where Lucas needs to go for his body to get the cue to do his business. Today,  Mother nature made a premature call, Lucas relieved himself before making it to the park, which is unusual but when you gotta go, you gotta go!   We did our park loop, but when we were heading down his magical place and I saw a dog coming our way that I new my Grand Puppy would get all bent out of shape about, I decided we would turn tail on “Poopy Lane” and find a new route home. Frankly, I didn’t think it would be a big deal, the big guy had already had a dump.   Rupert and I were turned around when I realized there was resistance, my usually easy going friend had firmly planted his feet, he had a scowl on his face and was visibly disgruntled that I was changing course.   His expression was clear and concise “HELL NO….where do you think you are going woman.”   As amusing as this was that he was waging a protest, I wasn’t interested in gaining consensus, and gave him a yank to let him know that he was not “the leader…” (an Aristocrats reference, as that has been Lucas’ mantra since we met him).   I am noticing more and more with my senior citizen that the ‘look’ he gave me this morning is becoming his new attitude.   He isn’t worried about going with the flow, if he doesn’t want to do something he gives me some attitude and becomes a dead weight at the end of the leash.  On our way home the other day he let me know we were following his agenda, not mine, and plopped down in the grass and laid there as if to say, ‘Good Luck getting me up.”  He was very cute, I will admit that.  I find his new attitude comical and yet a little infuriating…perhaps we can get matching T-shirts?

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