Thoughts to Paws over…

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I don’t know about you, but I have put a lot of pressure on myself since I was very small to not make mistakes!  Of course I make them, I do it all the time, I am human!  Anyone who knows me, will attest to the fact that I am flawed just like everyone else.  And yet I get entirely frustrated and disappointed when I faux pas and berate myself.   Sometimes these blunders are small, while others are so weighty that the burden is hard to carry!   Today I screwed up, it was completely unintentional and no one was hurt, at least I don’t think so.   I came home from walking the boys, they joined me out in the yard as I hung some laundry on the line.  I have a good sized space out back, but for some reason, my dear gentleman leave land mines right below my clothesline.   Just as I was finishing hanging the last item I realized I had stepped in poop not once, but twice in two different locations.  I went and got a shovel and cleaned them up, while I muttered and grumbled under my breath why the dogs have to leave their messes in the one place they know I frequent.  I was fixated on my dirty shoes and headed to the house to tidy up.   Rupert, my Grand puppy followed me inside, I changed my shoes and got organized and off I went.  I had two lovely walks, then headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items to make dinner, and then sat on the lawn with my neighbour and checked in on one of my furry friends who has been under the weather.  Three hours approximately, had elapsed since I had left.  I was puzzled why only Rupert barked when I came in, but Lucas is deaf now and sleeps heavily so I went and put the food in the refrigerator.   My dear little Grand pup seemed agitated and was nipping at me and then ran to the basement door, I figured he had to pee.   As I followed him down the stairs I was struck with what I had done….I had left poor Old Lucas in the back yard when I went in to clean my shoes.   What’s the big deal you ask?  He’s a dog…dogs are meant to be outside.  I would concur, but Lucas is a nervous dog, plagued with anxiety from things he experienced in another life with his other people, he really struggles with abandonment issues and what did I do…I forgot the poor dog outside on an overcast day, and let me tell you that poor guy knows when rain is coming hours before it falls.  I opened the door and there was no Lucas, but a few minutes later Rupert came bounding down the stairs with his buddy in tow.   My dear old guy sheepishly stepped into the house, like he had done something wrong and was now finished serving out his punishment.  It was a mistake…an over site, and yet I feel bereft that I let him down.  No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes…but dang, I wish I wasn’t like everyone, at least for my fur babies!  I want to be the quintessential, flawless, ideal pet parent!

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