Thoughts to Paws over…

Another one of my dear little friends has moved across town so his walks have become infrequent and are usually solo acts.   He was accustomed to walking as part of a duo or a group.   Since his departure from the neighbourhood Diesel hasn’t seen any of his friends, but on Friday I had the opportunity to bring two of his old buds along for the stride!  It was fun watching as Rupert and Lucas jumped out of the back of the Jeep and greeted Diesel, the tails were wagging with excitement.   The band was back together!   The boys strutted down the street like they owned the sidewalk.  The three were pumped and ready as there was fresh territory to discover!  We headed into a wonderful wooded area with a tonne of trails to explore and began an adventure.  For a half hour the boys were sniffing and frolicking and enjoying a new experience, in fact, I would say the senior in the group was rather invigorated by all the possibilities of directions we could investigate.  As we neared the end of our trek we encountered a lady and her small dog, there was a lot of posturing and growling by the more compact sized pooches. We steered our way through the encounter without any incidence, only to end up behind them a little while later.   Rupert is a dog that likes to come off tough, he may be small but he acts pretty mighty, he kept barking as if to say. “We are coming to get you!”    Essentially he pretends to be a Jack Russell Terrier disguised as a Shetlie, he likes to instigate trouble, but he weighs all of 25 pounds wet!  As we headed back towards Diesel’s home I was suddenly struck by the reason why this small sized dog can act so mighty, he has the muscle to back him up!  As Lucas and Diesel strode along, the wee ankle biter kept trying to insert himself between the big boys, pushing until he reached the protected middle.   Lucas and Diesel are an impressive pair in stature, who would want to mess with the likes of them was Rupert’s rationale.  The three amigos strode along the wood chip trail, while I hummed  Thin Lizzy’s rendition of “the boys are back in town, the boys are back in town…”  with just my eyes to record the scene. Friendships are a beautiful thing to witness!

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