Thoughts to Paws over…

I am singing a new tune today, I reworked the lyrics and titled it “Let’s give ’em something to Blog about!”  I really need to be careful what I put out into the universe, as the other day I was thinking that I didn’t really have much excitement in my life to share with others!  Which brings me to today, boy did I have an interesting start to my morning!   I took Lucas and Newton for a lovely forty minute stroll, dropped them off at the house, put my cat Romeo into the office upstairs and went to get Charlee for his morning constitutional.  He and I had a fast paced jaunt that lasted about thirty-five minutes and then we made our way back to my abode.  Often when I have three dogs staying at the house I will let them out into the back yard to run amuck instead of tearing up my domicle with their hijinxs.   I had Charlee’s leash in hand and his food bowl and I unlocked the back door where it is fenced to let everyone run around and have a good sniff.  Charlee was at the door, bum wagging, eagerly waiting for play time.  The three were greeting each other at the top of the stairs when I realized there was an odd scritching sound beside me.   I was standing at the entry way by the OPEN back door when my eyes locked on the culprit, a young black squirrel, he was trying to scale the concrete retaining wall without success…this is about when the dogs caught sight of him too!  My brain was registering that there really wasn’t anywhere for him to go and so did my dear rodent friend, he decided the path of least resistance was to run in to my basement rather than into the jaws of three drooling canines.  Too late for me to worry about the fact that the fluffy little black creature was now loose in my place of residence.   I closed the door right quick to keep the dogs outside to prevent pandemonium from breaking out inside, as I was having visions of pictures flying off walls and all manners of disasters ensuing.   With the dogs contained, I headed in to figure out where the squirrel had gone.   I can’t express adequately how grateful I was that he had run down the hall and was hiding behind a desk (as I had worried he might have headed through the cat door into the bathroom or our furnace room and the places for him to hide would have been plentiful).   Think, think, think…how do I catch the squirrel and get it back outside?  I called my spouse, told him about my predicament and warned him he might be cycling home to my aid if I was unsuccessful and then ran through scenarios…I could try opening the window in the back bedroom and take off the screen, herd the squirrel into that room and hope it leaves…but that just didn’t seem proactive enough, there were too many variables where that plan could fail!  After scratching my head for a wee bit I came up with the concept to take a vintage wooden Cocoa Cola box and trap the squirrel in that, which I managed to do successfully.  The next step was to block off that area, and now bring the three dogs into the house and gate them upstairs so I could leave the basement door open to get the frightened little creature back outside where he belonged.  With the dogs safely corralled upstairs I made my first attempt and failed, the squirrel was out of the box and on the loose again, I think my blood pressure was starting to climb at this point, but I took a deep breath and managed to get him back into captivity.  I grabbed a pair of heavy winter mitts and a Rubbermaid lid and slid it between the desk and the box where the poor little guy sat quivering with fear, then carefully tipped it, keeping pressure on the top so he didn’t escape yet again.  I dragged the box while holding the lid in place and we made it to the open door!   I was contemplating how I should release the squirrel so it wouldn’t run back inside but before I figured it out, he somehow escaped,  but thankfully he went up the stairs and out into the yard!  Hallelujah!  I did a “You rock woman” dance, slammed the door and went about restoring order to the chaos my visitor had created. Later on, in an effort to regain my inner calm, I grabbed a load of laundry and the pooches and I headed back outside so I could hang my sheets to dry.  I finished that task and was feeling much calmer, I had a full list of things to accomplish for the day.  I grabbed Charlee’s leash and dish again and had the laundry basket under one arm, I did a quick survey of the area to ensure there were no interlopers at risk of gaining entry to my home and I opened the door….if you remember back I mentioned I had locked the cat upstairs in the office, as Charlee hasn’t met him before and well, three dogs and one cat seem like potential disaster in the making, so keeping two species separate until there are more bodies at home seemed like a smart idea.  Back to me humming and feeling calmer, I turned the knob, Newton whisked in the door with Charlee coming down the stairs when it registered that my dear Romeo was standing a couple feet in front of us….the two unacquainted strangers stared at each other long enough for me to clue in to close the damn door! How my pesky feline friend extricated himself from his safe haven remains a mystery to me?  With Charlee and Lucas outside, I squeezed back inside, took the brazen Romeo back up to his prison where he will serve the remainder of his sentence until my spouse comes home and we can have a few more bodies for a proper introduction.   Other than the continuous romping adventures of Newton and Charlee in the living room, my day has become hopefully less eventful!  It is amazing to think how one half hour in a person’s life can be so action packed!  The up side to all of this I thought, “HOLY HECK, do I have something to blog about!”

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