Thoughts to Paws over…

Often when there is a disaster, there are after shocks!  I seem to be experiencing “after thoughts”….in case you are wondering what I am referring to, there is a required reading for this verbal diarrhea I am about to let loose!  Check out my “Let’s Give them Something to Blog about” post from earlier today, it will help shed light on my ramblings!   First off….where on earth was that dang squirrel that ended up in my abode, hiding?  I mean seriously, I had been standing in that area for a good five minutes with Charlee before opening the door.  It is a small space, I think it would have been pretty evident to him and to me if there was a little black rodent hanging out with us?  Try as I may, I can’t make sense of it, I am wondering if the squirrel lost his footing and fell off the roof and landed at our feet?    Was he sleeping in my bag of clothes pin that were situated on the retaining wall and decided to leave his hiding place at completely the wrong moment…and if this was the case, man, I am glad the ensuing adventure that unfolded went down like it did as opposed to me opening the bag to have a squirrel spring out me!   Second thing I am wondering, “What was the squirrel thinking when I was trying to trap him in the Coke box?”   Sounds crazy, but was I giving off a vibe that was saying “don’t worry little buddy, I am just trying to save you?”  Or did he perceive his life was in jeopardy and I was looking to make my Grandson a new winter hat?   And another thing, when I got him to the door,  did he think he was the smart one that had gotten away from me or did it cross his mind that I was the hero in this particular scenario!  I  mean really, Wonder Woman move over….my fast thinking and nimble moves saved the day! Truly, Hooray to me for being so quick witted and on the ball!   Thirdly, I would like to know how the cat extricated himself from the office upstairs?    I have been scratching my head all day at this puzzle and the only thing I can come up with is that somehow one of the dogs had jumped on the door, because I have those handle that’s are a lever as opposed to a knob, and they successfully managed to gain access!  Which then leads me to ponder, has Charlee already met the cat and it’s no big deal or I got lucky and I called the pooches downstairs in the nick of time to go into the back yard to hang my laundry before any of the parties concerned were aware of the situation?  These will be the thoughts that I will ponder for the remainder of my afternoon as I am out walking (without my red boots and lasso, as I don’t want the whole neighbourhood to know there is a Super Hero right under their noses!)

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