Thoughts to Paws over…


I am a person of faith, I always have been!  Every since I was a small child on the seventh day my parents would drop me off at Sunday school and they would head in too for the Church service.  I will admit since I have gotten older and with all the moves we have made, I don’t always make it to worship in a conventional way on Sunday.  There are times I experience a different kind of communion with a Higher power that doesn’t take place  within four walls.  Due to my chosen path of pet sitting, the timing of traditional services often coincide with when I am doing my morning walks.   That doesn’t mean however, that I am not moved by the Spirit in a different capacity, there are other ways to commune with the Lord!  This morning we took four of my canine friends and walked some trails in a beautiful wooded area.  The ground was blanketed in green, the cloud cover over head burned off half way through our excursion and the sun streamed in through the branches, it is a different kind of Holy experience.  It is a blessing to know that my old guy Lucas is reinvigorated with these trips and I feel a sense of gratitude that my legs are capable of propelling me forward and my eyes are able to take in the sight of these wonderful four legged walking companions!  It is easy to appreciate one’s existence and the gifts that are bestowed upon us.  There are so many ways to give thanks  and experience a sanctity with God.  I have come to appreciate and embrace the opportunity to pray in a verdant and sunlit forest on a Sunday morning, the divine is all around us!


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