Thoughts to Paws over…

I seem to be having a melancholy kind of Thursday!  I was hustling about this morning to get organized to take Lucas out for a walk, my friend that has been with me for a week , went home last night.  She is my shadow when she visits, she is never more than a foot from where I happen to be, and I know if she isn’t, I better go looking for her just in case she has found some mischief.   I love my boy, don’t get me wrong…but he likes his  personal space.  He will lay on the couch beside me if I am watching T.V., sometimes he will even go as far as to put is head on my thigh, which I love, but most of the time he finds a quiet room and curls up on a couch for a nap  (unless there is a storm and then he is sitting on top of me looking for me to save him).  My girl friend, she is different, I am her lounge chair, I never feel alone.  As I darted around this morning I spied her favourite toy that I bought her for our house sitting on the floor beside my desk chair, it will sit there until I move it. Lucas is laying in the hall, I think both of us are feeling that the house is just too quiet!  I have come to realize I don’t have just one dog or one cat, I have family that live all over the place!  I wonder if they think of me and miss me as much as I do them!?


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