No Time to Paws…

Let sleeping dogs lie…

Hmmmmm, this was the scene that met my eyes this afternoon!  Looks like these fur babies had an exhausting morning!?  My four legged friends did have a stroll to start off their day,  that lasted about a half hour, and keep in mind, the dog on the left is 13 ish so our pace was more of a leisure one.   Once we returned home the two found the couch and I headed out the door for to walk my friend Mia for forty minutes, followed by a thirty minute jaunt with Marcus and then another fifteen with my girl Sunny. No worries, they aren’t comatose, they did have a few bathroom breaks in between my comings and goings.  I realized though, that  after taking about 20,135 steps with my canine friends all before noon, it was time to tackle my ‘to do’ list before time got away from me and the afternoon walks were to commence!  I did a couple loads of laundry, changed a bed, made soup and scones for dinner, ironed a few items and got the mulch, garbage and recycles out to the curb…while these two enjoyed a wonderful slumber!  I have about fifteen minutes before I need to rouse these BFF’s and get them out for their second walk.  I kind of would like to curl up on the couch with them on this chilly fall day, but I am painfully aware of the fact that there is no room for me and if I am dumb enough to enter that room and disturb the scene I will be leaving sooner than I planned!  I am keenly aware that a potential trip to the bathroom will create a hub bub of excitement and a race to the front door !  Instead I quietly came into the office to do a bit of paper work and will let the sleeping dogs lie…    It’s a dog’s life at my house!

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